CV:ni suomeksi / CV in Finnish

  • Name: Ville Salonen, M.Sc.
  • E-mail: villefajwrewhqbnm”#41.jki2rtwejioq2w3salonen fajwio3141¤!# ¤!atjki2rtwejioq2w3 i35tuiwertjoiq2mnskijki2rtwejioq2w3.fajwrewhqbnm”#41fi
  • Current Town: Jyväskylä, Finland

Work History

  • Tietoevry Oyj
    • 1.1.2022- Lead Software Developer
    • 1.10.2013-31.12.2021 Senior Software Developer
  • Sysdrone Oy / Protacon Solutions Oy (6.4.2010-30.9.2013): Software Designer
  • Sportum Oy (1.6.2008-31.3.2010): Java programming, database design, documentation
  • Cygnaeus-lukio (3.5.2005-31.7.2006): IT support, web design, substitute teacher


  • Master of Science, Information Technology: University of Jyväskylä (2006-2012) [Diploma, Course History]
    • Major: Information Technology - Grade: good
    • Minor: Technology Business - Grade: very good
  • Bachelor of Science, Information Technology: University of Jyväskylä (2006-2011) [Diploma]
    • Major: Information Technology, main studies - Grade: very good
    • Minor: Mathematics, basic studies - Grade: good
    • Minor: Statistics, basic studies - Grade: good
  • Finnish Matriculation Examination: Cygnaeus Upper Secondary School (2002-2005)

About Me

I have as a solo software designer and as a part of a team created software for various markets: all the way from simple and fun hobby software to systems which serve tens of thousands of customers per day. I’ve also had the chance to create software for health technology market. Creating health technology software is very challenging because of the strict requirements but also very rewarding because they give people longer and healthier lives.

As a software designer I want to be in direct interaction with the customer and end-users so that together we can create the actually needed software solution for real problems. I think that by keeping programmers in a room lit only bit the light of their monitors and not having them talk to anyone is a serious problem and will surely weaken the final product. Having good social skills are required because often software designers are required to explain very complex problems to non-technical people and to discuss with them how to proceed.

Technically I am a polyglot: I’m quick to learn new languages, paradigms and technologies. I’ve written commercial software with C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP and Delphi. On my own time I’ve also dabbled in C, Haskell, Fortran and Assembly. I feel at home in all the major desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux, OS X) and in the biggest mobile operating systems (iOS and Android).

Having said all that I think that selecting proper and professional tools are essential in creating high quality software. By making the right technical choices, we can massively increase productivity while at the same time cutting down the amount of defects. By having experience of a vast array of different programming languages, operating systems and other tools, I’ve developed a knack for making smart technical decisions.

I believe that being a good software designer has to be a part of his own community. I am an active member in Stack Overflow, GitHub, Twitter and IRCnet. I’ve also participated in non-formal meetings with my local (and also some more distant) peers at Geek Collision in Jyväskylä area.

In the world of natural languages, I’m well-versed in Finnish (my mother tongue) and English. I’ve also studied the basics in German and Swedish but as I haven’t found much use for these two, they’ve slipped from my mind. I actively train my English by reading books and writing articles. These days I actually read more in English than in Finnish.

When I want to take a step back from software development and computers, I like to travel around the world and take pictures and videos while doing so. I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to travel all over Europe (Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Greek), North America (USA and Canada) and Asia (Japan). You can check out my photography page.

Open Source Projects

For complete list of my open source involvement, please see my Github page. These are the ones that I want to highlight:

  • - An HTML5 software for keeping track of your alcohol consumption. Also includes Java-based backend.
  • Laputin - Node.JS backend with AngularJS HTML5 frontend which allows you to use semantic tagging for your files.
  • Sudoku solver - An exercise in algorithm design. This solver uses the same logical steps as I do. Also like me, it cannot solve Evil level puzzles on WebSudoku yet, d’oh!


Other Achievements

  • Participated in Finlandia Marathon thrice. In 2011 I ran 14-kilometre track and in 2012 and 2014 I ran half marathon.
  • A video made by me has been watched over 70,000 times: See it for yourself!
  • Competed in Kyykkä world championships in years 2007-2010
  • Person Of The Year 2006 of Time Magazine